The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle was founded on January 6th, 1971 and led by James T. Covert; the eleven charter members first met on the campus of the University of Portland. The singular purpose of the Order is to promote, extend, further, advance, encourage, dignify, elevate, and generally improve the study and employment of the Sacred Writings and Sherlockian Studies. The name is taken from “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle,” published by the Literary Agent, Arthur Conan Doyle, in January 1892.

The Society is dedicated to the pursuit and appreciation of the singular exploits of the wisest and noblest of men, Sherlock Holmes, and his faithful Boswell, Dr. John H. Watson.


We generally have monthly business & discussion meetings at members’ homes, except when there is a special event. Mrs. Hudson’s crew provides lunch. Guests are welcome. Our theme for 2022 is Travel. The meeting content may include:

  • Quizzes or games
  • Story discussions
  • Scholarly presentations
  • Items of Sherlockian interest
  • Fun

Given the uncertainties of our current COVID-19 predicament, it is difficult to plan as far ahead as we are used to. Those events we have scheduled will appear on this site and our Facebook page. For the foreseeable future, we will be having hybrid meetings, with people joining us on Zoom as well as in person.

Because we meet at private homes, we don’t publish the meeting locations on the Internet. Please email us at bluecarbuncle1971@gmail.com if you’re interested in attending a meeting or event.

Special Events

  • The Master’s Dinner, January: Formal banquet to celebrate Sherlock Holmes’s birthday. Open to members and invited guests only.
  • Memorial Ceremony, May: Commemoration of the “death” of Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach Falls
  • Watson’s Picnic, July/August: al fresco barbecue to celebrate Dr. Watson’s birthday
  • Left Coast Sherlockian Symposium, October: We are sponsors of and eager participants in the Northwest’s only Sherlockian gathering.
  • The Alpha Inn Christmas Goose Dinner, December: Holiday celebration featuring goose (of course) and a potluck meal, silliness, and the Grilling of the Eggs (new members ready to become full members)
  • Ad hoc events such as plays, meetings with visiting Sherlockians, teas, and other special field trips


We welcome all those who love Sherlock Holmes in any of his incarnations. Guests are welcome at meetings and events (except the Master’s Dinner). Provisional new members are dubbed Eggs and must attend at least three meetings and pass a “grilling” at the Goose Dinner to become Full Members.

Officers 2022

Grand Gander
Trusted Associate
Stockbroker’s Clerk

John Ellis
Terri Zensen
Christine Ellis
John Ellis
Terri Zensen
Janice M. Eisen