The Canon: Sherlock Holmes Stories

The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon, penned by Arthur Conan Doyle, consists of four novels and 56 short stories, all published between 1887 and 1927.

The list below is arranged by the date each story was published. In brackets after each title is the story’s four-letter abbreviation; these were created by Jay Finley Christ in 1947, and Sherlockians often use them to identify stories in the writings about the Writings. We have also included information on the story’s first publication and when it is believed to have taken place.

Clicking on a title will take you to the full text of the story.

If you need to search for occurrences of a word or phrase, this site allows you to search either the full text of the Canon or an individual story or novel.

Cases of the Great Detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, as set forth by Dr. John H. Watson