“You Will Excuse This Mask”: Show Your Love for Holmes and Watson with Sherlockian Face Masks

Even if you have to cover your nose and mouth, you can still express yourself. Sherlockian publisher Belanger Books has introduced a line of masks featuring images from their book covers, two of which are shown above. They sell for $12.49 apiece, or $10 if you buy 4 or more. Check them out on RedBubble.

Note: These are not N95 masks, nor are they necessarily suitable for close contact, such as caring for a patient with Covid-19, but they’ll work for a trip to the grocery store or the park, with continued social distancing.

No commission or commercial connection here; just wanted to make people aware. Sources of fun are limited right now.

“That Great Cesspool”: Cesspudlians of London, ONT to Host International Group Online Viewing of 1939 “Hound”

I can do no better than to quote the announcement sent out by Ian Bennett:

An invitation to Sherlockians around the world

 On behalf of The Cesspudlians  (The London, Ontario Sherlock Holmes Society), I extend greetings to you and all your members, and an invitation to participate in a group online viewing of The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939), which is available on YouTube, at 9pm EST on Saturday, April 25th, 2020.  Twitter comments will be appreciated as you watch and afterwards as well. Please use the hashtag #combetracey.

If you prefer and you have your own copy, you can watch along at home without YouTube.  The version on the link above is 1 hour and 19 minutes long. I bought my own copy some time ago, so I’ll probably watch that and save some internet strain.

 Currently prevented from meeting—you know why—by the Professor Moriarty of viruses, we are determined not to let the Napoleon of Crime have his unfettered way with us and will strike back in a Baker Street Irregular way, by conspiring against him to enjoy the genius of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart companion Dr. Watson (a first responder of excellent character and qualification).

 Please pass this message on to all your members, and also to any other society to which you may have a connection, wherever they may be, so that all Sherlockians can come together and celebrate the work of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce and, of course, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

 Use the hashtag #combetracey to announce your presence and the participation of your society, wherever you may be.  We hope to make this the largest (virtual) gathering of Sherlockians from around the world.

 It may be that we are not ourselves luminous, but that we are conductors of light.  We have no genius, but perhaps we can stimulate it !

 Join us on April 25th at 9pm EST and shout to the world how you feel about Holmes.  And Damn Covid-19 to hell !  Online slide show here:  https://bit.ly/3HoundSh0

Ian Bennett for The Cesspudlians
Scion of The Bootmakers of Toronto

Many thanks to the Cesspudlians for organizing this unorthodox assembly. I hope to “see” you there!

“Some Poor Bibliophile”: Free Sherlockian E-Books from Belanger!

All through the month of April, Belanger Books is offering free Sherlockian e-books each week to help those of us who need more reading material during the Covid-19 lockdown. This week, the books are The Papers of Solar Pons, by David Marcum (hmm, a pastiche of a pastiche), and Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon, Vol. 1, a 29-story anthology edited by Marcum. For the next 48 hours, C. Edward Davis’s illustrated steampunk novella The Voyage of the Lunar Schooner is free as well. You can download this week’s books here. Check back with their blog each week for more free books!

We’d be remiss if we promoted the giveaway without mentioning Belanger’s current Kickstarter project, Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detectives, which has already reached nearly five times its original goal with 20 days to go. If you’re interested in stories about the Master teaming up with other great detectives from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, take a look.

“He Cannot Escape Us Now”: Escape Your Confinement with Sherlock Holmes

The gentlefolk behind the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: The Musical present, for all those admirers of the Master who are stuck in their houses, a digital Sherlock Holmes escape room. Certainly a welcome diversion from the pandemic.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with escape rooms. In their physical incarnation, a group of people is locked in a room and given an hour (usually) to get out by solving a connected, generally themed set of puzzles. For the digital version, you will have to use your imagination to escape from sheltering in place. It consists of both text and videos, and it should appeal to anyone who loves both Sherlock (in any of his incarnations) and puzzles. Give it a try!

“Let Us Consider Our Data”: April Meeting to Be Held Virtually

In light of the Covid-19 quarantine, we have suspended all in-person meetings. We have decided to try having our April meeting over Zoom. We’ll skip the business meeting and just have presentations and discussion of “The Man with the Twisted Lip.”

All members who are on the email list should receive the necessary information. If you don’t get it or need technical assistance, you may contact Janice Eisen at her email or through the NMSOBC Facebook page.

This is an experiment, so wish us luck!!!