“A Portable Newgate Calendar”: 2022 Meeting/Event Schedule Partly Available!

Although our calendar for the entire coming year is generally released in December, due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we are scheduling only a few months in advance. The following are currently scheduled or in planning:

  • The Master’s Dinner, Jan. 8. Members and invited guests only!
  • Hybrid Meeting, Feb. 12. Presentation from author and game collector Timothy Kline.
  • Hybrid Meeting, Mar. 12. Author Nicholas Meyer will talk about his new novel, The Return of the Pharaoh.
  • Tentative: April trip to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center train museum. Details TBD.
  • Reichenbach Falls Remembrance and Memorial Picnic, May 7, Silver Falls State Park.
  • Watson’s Picnic, July. Details TBD.

We intend to have meetings in June, September, October, and November, but the exact format is not yet set. Our theme for the year is Travel.

Watch our Events page and/or our Facebook calendar for changes and further details. Contact us if you’re interested in attending any of the events.

The Charles Augustus Milverton Virtual Picnic

Once again we must cancel an event: Watson’s Picnic, originally scheduled for June 11, because of that dastardly COVID-19.

We are instead planning a virtual picnic with a discussion of “Charles Augustus Milverton,” a gripping story of blackmail, burglary, and murder. Attendees are encouraged to bring their devices outside, weather permitting, and to enjoy picnic food while talking about the story and listening to presentations.

Sidney Paget, The Strand, April 1904

We ordinarily have our Blind Auction at Watson’s Picnic; we are working on the logistics of holding it over Zoom.

To avoid conflicting with a meeting of The Parallel Case of St. Louis, we have moved the date one week later: It will be held on Saturday, June 18. Details are on the Events page; keep an eye on that or our Facebook page for any changes or updates.

At our virtual meeting today, we had several fascinating presentations about “The Priory School” We also welcomed as a new member Rich Krisciunas (from Michigan!). As Rich is already a member of several Scions, he will skip the Egg phase and go straight to a full membership.

Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. All interested guests are welcome to join us, as Rich did. The one advantage of the virus is that it is making it more common for us to meet Sherlockians from geographically distant locations!

No Tea for You: Virtual Meeting Planned Instead

We regret to announce the cancellation of our planned English Tea at the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium, originally scheduled for June 13. Covid-19 strikes again.

Instead, we will gather virtually once more that day and discuss “The Priory School,” an exciting tale of kidnapping and murder. Details are on our Events page; keep an eye on that or our Facebook page for any changes or updates.. So far two people have promised presentations; more are always welcome.

We had a lively discussion of “The Final Problem” and “The Empty House” today, with several of our new Eggs (probationary members) in attendance. Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. Interested guests are quite welcome; you don’t have to be a member to join us.

Virtual Meeting a Success, Another Planned!

The NMSOBC just gathered virtually on Zoom for the first time. Fourteen of us saw one another for the first time in a while and discussed “The Man with the Twisted Lip.” We enjoyed presentations on whether the story takes place in a different universe from the rest of the Canon (Jim Cassetta), the social history and geography of the story’s locations (Elinor Gray Howell), and wood in Victorian England (Ken Meltsner).

Given the success of the meeting, we decided that, since the ongoing pandemic will prevent us from gathering to commemorate the “death” of Sherlock Holmes with a memorial service, we will instead have another virtual meeting, where we will talk about “The Final Problem.” Details are on our Events page; keep an eye on that or our Facebook page for any changes or updates.