“I Confess that I Covet Your Skull”: Get Gruesome with a Virtual Tour of the Mütter Museum

Tired of scrolling through Netflix? Unable to stomach the internet’s endless torrent of bad news? How about a virtual tour of a medical museum?

The video below is from the Mütter Museum at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Highlights include the Giant Megacolon, Albert Einstein’s brain, and—of interest to numerous Canonical characters—the Hyrtl Skull Collection. (No corpses being beaten, I’m afraid.)

Don’t forget your calipers!

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane, stay home!

“I Have My Eye on a Suite in Baker Street”: Tour the Sherlock Holmes Museum from Your Shelter

A singular addition to our post the other day about virtual tours of museums to enliven your confinement! Our friends at MX Publishing have dug up a video tour of the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker St., N.W., London.

“Then he opened a door and showed us into a large room furnished as a museum.” [PRIO]

Please note that MX is running a #bookstotrees promotion, planting a tree for every book purchased from their site in 2020. They’ve planted 272 trees at the time of this post, with a goal of 1,000+ for the year. You need some more Sherlockiana to read while you’re sheltering, right?

Art in the Blood: Visit the British Museum and Others While Sheltering in Place

From BBC Sherlock’s “The Great Game”

Our member JeanMarie Zubia (The Persian Slipper) forwards this list of free virtual museum tours to help relieve your cabin fever (and keep you from watching even more hours of Netflix) as we wait out the zombie apocalypse COVID-19:

You can also visit nearly anywhere on Earth via Google Street View.