“You Have Visited Japan”: A Modern Take on Sherlock Holmes from Fuji TV

Last fall, Japanese network Fuji TV aired a new series called Sherlock: Untold Stories, aka Sharokku. Set in modern-day Tokyo, it features the detective Shishio Homare, who is assisted by Junichi Wakamiya, who, in an interesting twist on the formula, is a psychiatrist.

The protagonists are quite young, and it definitely feels as though its vibe is closer to BBC Sherlock than to other Holmes adaptations. Unfortunately, only two of the 11 episodes have thus far been given English subtitles, but with all the time you have now, you can learn Japanese, right?

I can’t vouch for the show, as I haven’t watched either episode yet, but it seems to be getting very positive ratings on sites catering to fans of Japanese TV.

You can watch all of the episodes, including the two with subtitles, here. Fuji has released an English-subbed trailer, so perhaps they plan to produce a version with full subtitles. We can only hope. I’ve included that trailer here; take a look, and see if it interests you.

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